Desperate measures

(God forgive me)…my mum cracks me up…so she had a full day today…been for numerous tests and X-rays and at some point she was feeling really weak cos hadn’t eaten all day…needed to wash down her medication with tea. So she finds a Kentucky Fried Chicken…goes in to order and first thing, is asked whether she wants to complete a survey (re: customer satisfaction). She declines…just wants tea for her medication. So she orders chips and tea, sits down to eat (I wasn’t there- just recounting what she told me) and a tramp (sounds so cruel)…mum said a young man who is a tramp (I’d say he was just down on his luck) so he came up to her for £1 …she went ‘what???!’ so young man asked for 50p instead, when she didn’t reply, he asked for 20p. So she told him she just wants to finish eating. So he left and mum said he came back (oh gosh…I’m cracking up cos of the way she told the tale) she said he poked his head around the door and asked her (5 minutes after their initial convo) if she had finished eating. She said she screamed at him to leave her alone cos she hadn’t finished. She said all the other diners refused to look up. So the young man left and went into a betting shop across the road from KFC (where she was eating). So after taking her medication she took a longer route to go wait for a bus. She said as she sat at the busstop waiting, the young man came up to her and she went ‘You again?!’  He replied that she had told him to wait till she finished eating. So she was like ‘Is that why you followed me?’  Young man replied that he was hungry. (Poor guy). So she gave him some money. What cracked me up was my mum’s indignation at being disturbed when she needed to take her medication. What is a bit scary is that he actually followed her. And my mum walks really fast. He must have known she would give him something. I’m happy she has a kind enough face to encourage the young man to be so persistent. Not good that he followed her though…but then again he was desperate and he wasn’t a threat just down on his luck. (I really hope things turn around for him). 


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