Full on breakfast!

I was really sceptical about breakfast when my son woke me up this morning…I just went along for the fun of it. 

But I was pleasantly surprised…it was a lot! (for me it was….didn’t look like a lot at the time –actually it did). Turkey rashers, baked beans, oats, toast, eggs, tea, juice!!!…come on, seriously?  So we took turns getting brekkie ready…

I cannot possibly eat anything else today!!! I am stuffed! How on earth do people manage on such a large meal in the morning?

I cleared my plate (obviously)…I’m a foodie, after all. But now, I can barely move. Don’t know if I can do this every morning. Too much for me. Don’t think I’m going to eat anything else today…(never say never…)  Jeez…what a meal. No wonder my dad always bangs on about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. It’s basically stuffing your face in the morning.  It took 30 minutes to prepare breakfast!!! No wonder I can barely move!  I think I might do this full spread once a week.  Can’t manage everyday…will have to wake up 5am to prepare a full spread that is so filling…cos need hours for this food to digest!!! Can’t remember ever being so full in the morning! I thought breakfast was a cup of herbal tea and maybe a slice of toast!! This full spread definitely breaks the fast!

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