Who is ‘A’?

I am the ultimate couch potato (right now)…like a dog with a bone…totally glued to Netflix (been watching Pretty Little Liars) for over a week now and can’t stop. I’m still on season 5!  Just want to get to season 7!! I can be so bloody-minded when I want something and just rail road everything else. Have I eaten a cooked meal today? Nope. Did I watch Portugal v France? Nope. I didn’t even realise Theresa May is the new leader of the Conservative Party. (How sad is that??…I don’t even pay attention to what’s going on in the world! Right now Netflix is my bestie. I even attempted to watch Pretty Little Liars on my phone at a party!!! I hardly even sleep…(wow…not good, don’t care right now).  Just want to find out who A is!!!!


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