Still buzzing…

I’m still buzzing at being nominated for the Blogger Recignition Award. When Sanjay nominated be yesterday…I was like…is this for real? have I actually contributed to the blogosphere? I am my own worst enemy …I’m working on my self esteem   It’s not very obvious…because I can blag my way with words and walls of nonchalance. But really deep down…I’m like…you really think you are worth it? So many bloggers out there have been so supportive. Every time you like a post, I become more confident. 

Most times when Bloogers follow my blog…(especially without liking any particular post)…I’m like…did that just happen? Did a blogger actually like the whole blog? Actually interested in what I have to say??? 

Thank you for following my blog, for reading my posts, for liking my posts and for being part of this awesome community. Keep posting…and reading  You are awesome!!!

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