We are so lucky that we can say what we like (within reason) on our blogs. We can decide what tenses, what verbs, what sentence structure, when to blog. We are in control of our thoughts. We may be influenced to a degree but we are not totally brainwashed. 

Some people only say what they have been told to say but not us…not on our blogs…it’s on our terms…as we like…that is Independence. We are not dependant on our strings being pulled to control our voice. Some people cannot boast of this freedom. We can…

4th July – America’s Independence Day brings to mind being unshackled, being brave, being free. How free…(is debatable) but at least free to say what we want, how we want (within reason) on our blogs. Our freedom as bloggers, poets, writers to celebrate our own voices is reason enough to stand strong … and use these voices to fight battles on behalf of the voiceless…or those too scared to speak out. Many of us use double entendres and when you read between the lines, the message is pretty clear…my voice, my way. 

Happy Independence Day!

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