I am skiving. 

I’m terrible…(I don’t even now if I should blog about this) but no harm has come of blogging about stuff yet. I am skiving from a family function that I do not want to attend. I’m lying in bed nursing a neck ache (that is not half as bad as I’m making it out to be). All because I do not feel like partying (with my in laws). How terrible is that? (question asked for good measure- hypothetical – requires no answer…my backup plan in case this blog is ever read by my husband). We are yin and yang…he hates reading; I love it (reading, that is…not the fact that he hates it). Actually hate is a pretty strong word. I bet he would read something if it was about me…or money…or football…or politics. Just not blogs…which I find delightful cos I can blog about anything…safe that my secret is safe on the blogosphere. So, I have no intention of attending this party so I am faking a neck strain…not cooking…not partying….no housework …just blogging about exactly what I am doing…skiving. 

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