Now I know for a fact that I run on batteries !!. I thought I’d be knackered but no…here’s me with artwork and sketchbooks going for my MA Interview on no sleep…I’d better get a place!. I really hope I do. Cos I don’t let up! I hope I get an offer. But seriously, I thought I’d be close to zoned out. Adrenaline is the bees knees…

And I’ve been for the interview…I hate the poker face!!! I have no idea if I’ll be offered a place or not!!! I think I was too enthusiastic,,,(that must be my downfall or maybe not…) around art, I’m like a kid in a candy store!!! And I told them about my love for blogging….(have I shot myself in the foot?)   I was asked why not printmaking since I love words but I want to see the words. I don’t want them flat in a print…I want them live!!! Awwww….is passion a blessing or a curse? Cos I am very excitable!!!  Can passion be curbed? I don’t know how to put a face on it…I wish I could poker face…the things I’d get away with….

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