Those poems…

I dont even understand how my younger self wrote so many poems…got poems coming out of the wood work!!! …and the emotions I feel when transcribing these poems…it’s draining.  Never knew it would be such hard work.  Don’t even know who the younger me was…could handle the young doe-eyed me because it was a big revelation. But me in 2002, cannot quite get my head round my (younger self’s) thought process and it’s doing my head in. Maybe, I’m just really tired …all those poems…it’s like peering into the thought process of someone I don’t know and worse of all it’s a younger me. Forgive my french…but what a (mind fuck!!!).  It is so haaaarrrrddd!!!. Sone of the poems are in my head…I just want to sleep man…tsk. Frickin poems!!! (don’t even know why I’m upset). Is this what frickin therapy does??? I just want to scream…I’ll be okay after this rant…actually feeling better already. Needed to get it out of my system…ha…now I can get some rest…oh jeez…(feel so much better)

Thanks for being supportive 

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