I think I know what my problem with cooking is – I tend to cook as though the food will cook itself. (such an epiphany…)  I only realised this morning when I asked my son ‘how I’d know when the bacon is cooked…). He took one look at me and said ‘when it’s cooked…’ (…!!?). So that means I have to keep an eye on the bacon cos it won’t cook itself…!!!  (It’s truly taken me years to catch on that food doesn’t cook itself…I actually have to make umpteenth visits to the kitchen to make sure it doesn’t over cook itself). So I guess this is my cue to get off this blog and go check if the bacon I put in the grill has changed colour…? (My son said 6 minutes)..I don’t know if it’s gone past six minutes…I just know that I like the taste of bacon but don’t like cooking (or is it grilling it…). I don’t want to come across as daft but cooking is the same as grilling, yeah?  (…oh gosh…get off the blog already!…it’s Father’s Day!!)

It’s hot in the kitchen anyway…and I don know if it’s cooked…(maybe it has to be browner…my son fried some bacon this morning … It was more-ish. Tsk…(I hate cooking…sometimes…most times)

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