I’m in therapy and so grateful. 

I cannot explain the relief I feel at being able to share poems I had written so long ago (I never in my wildest dreams knew this day would come…tiny bit of exaggeration) I had stopped showing anyone these poems over 10 years ago…it is just so therapeutic being able to share…this community (bloggers, poets, writers) are so non judgemental and I am so grateful. I never knew…I would feel so relieved…I wish I could hug every single one of you. I want to laugh…I want to cry…I am overwhelmed. Thank you. God bless you all for being so accepting. I’m going to keep posting…till every single poem I have written over the years, sees the light of day…because deep down…I am healing (being healed of wounds I never even knew existed…or maybe I was in ‘denial’ of sorts). Thank you…

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