I’m dancing…

The way I blog is …verbal diarrhoea. I just let it all out.  I don’t mean to cause offence (cos I’m talking to ‘me’ and I can say anything to me). But what I absolutely love about blogging is my flow of thought (thinking out solutions…ironing out problems- repeating everything twice!), ranting (my bestie), moaning (that sounds so … well not writhing moaning or rapturous moaning…just chewing your ear off about some niggling thing kind of moaning), mouthfuls (I love mouthfuls…words just pour out and I just blaaaaaab), readers (like it or not- you are my therapists…and I can chat all I like…I can’t see you so I don’t know if you are listening or not but I ‘dun tol you’), posting (omg!! Posting is so therapeutic…I click post and I’m in ‘seventh heaven’…the relief I feel is overwhelming (that’s a lie)…bit OTT…overwhelming not..sometimes I post and I’m petrified…like ‘what have I just done?’), I digress!!! (another favourite pastime) and guess what for about four days now there had been a stench coming from the airing cupboard and no one knew what it was …just that it stank. I even sprayed the airing cupboard. My mum kept asking what the smell was…so a few minutes ago, she wondered aloud ‘does it mean this smell will be here forever?’ and I’m like ‘na wa o’ (I sometimes mutter in pidgin English). So my husband (all this while I’m blogging and listing what ‘I love about blogging’) checks a trolley in the airing cupboard and finds raw meat that I had bought from the butchers and forgotten in the trolley!!! For six days!!! Can you beat that?? How forgetful can one person be??? Now I really have bested myself!!!!

And that’s what I love about blogging…I can air my laundry out…celebrate…rant…yell…and feel better for it. 

Oh yeah…my list…bloggers (they are my teachers…I learn so much from them…they encourage my fearlessness!!) and feedback (comments make me realise that some of the therapists are listening). I love repeating myself…I love chatting ‘nonsense’ and blogging. It is so fun!!! Whenever I blog …I’m dancing in my head and my words are the song. And whenever you read my blog you are listening to the song I was dancing to in my head. 

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