I’m a foodie!

I just joined a ‘foodie’ group on Bloggers Required…now one of the prerequisites (that’s too harsh a word…(cracking myself up with sentence structure this morning) too harsh a word eh?). As usual. I digresssss! (my favourite pastime). Okay so, one of the prerequisites is members should share recipes. Now that is the fun part cos ‘I got no recipes’,  I basically fly by the seat of my pants when I cook. It’s a like it or lump it affair. I have never been a kitchen diva. My baby sitter gave me the recipe for pancakes!!…and told me how to bake jacket potatoes. I had no idea you had to prick the potatoes or even wrap them in foil. But I love food but recipes are soooooo haaaaard to follow (OK…not that hard). I never seem to remember the recipes! Even after following them a gazillion times!!! Apart from pancakes (I think). But my son never lets me make them, he says they are stodgy! So me joining this ‘foodie group’ is cos I love food and like looking at recipes…not that I like cooking (well…I do in minuscule doses) but I wouldn’t have any recipes to share!!! Apart from ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ cooking tips (like hang around the kitchen when cooking or the food will burn). 

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