Is that….?? Nah couldn’t be (or could it?)

I don’t want to assume the worst…and that’s because most of the time I have rose-tinted glasses on. But this what I saw on my walk to the studio today…

I don’t know if it’s some dud syringe – looks pretty real to me. But the problem is…’in broad daylight as well!!’  Okay, I don’t want to sound ignorant…like I’ve been living in cuckoo land or something…but ‘in broad daylight??..seriously?’ I do make it sound like any other time of day would be acceptable ‘for whatever it is I took a pic of‘ but I am still bothered and well a bit puzzled. I sound more gullible by the minute!  I don’t want to think…it is what I suspect it is (against my better judgement – cos like I said earlier ‘rose-tinted glasses et al’). But seriously…how sad!

Or am I making assumptions here…maybe, it’s nothing really and I’m just scaremongering! Do you know what I took a pic of? It looks like its full of some kind of liquid…saline, water…’maybe someone mistakenly dropped it’ (huh??) Can’t believe I just thought that…(but it could be ‘lost property’…I astound myself

Please let me know…reply to this post cos I really want to know what it is!!!! I sound even more pathetic begging for answers. But beg I will…so there!! Let me know…(I asked already, didn’t I?  Well, persistence will get me everywhere)

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