taking little steps

Learn so much about myself everyday!! Gosh! I don’t bait easily!! I am so tentative about everything….love my comfort zone. Keep telling myself need to venture out more…socially but no. Just won’t budge from my cosy ‘me time’. Just the thought of networking with real people..having a drink, meeting up makes me reach for leg warmers….really thick ones as well. I don’t do drinks and I should occasionally. Its good business, in a sense! But I tell myself ‘I don’t particularly need to meet up when I could send email. But that is so remote, so me;myself; I…so removed. But the weirdest thing is….I love meeting people, I enjoy entertaining and being entertained. But taking the first step…got leaden socks!! I think I absolutely love my own company but at the same time love keeping company with others!! Won’t say need to trust more cos that’s like telling myself I could walk on water!! But definitely need to hang out more cos people are so intriguiging and so much fun!!

celebrating the spontaneity of scribble and the energy of abstract expressionism

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