the reason why….

Within my paintings, I use a combination of vibrant colours and linear curves. The curves are inspired by the uniformity of calligraphy whilst the vibrant colours are inspired by abstract expressionism. The bold colours accentuated by curves and shapes seemingly jump out the canvas. It’s a culmination of the many parts forming a whole. I aim to merge energy (vivid colours) and harmony (shapes) to depict a celebration of ideas; a bubbling; a continuum. My artwork aims to visualise the very nature of the thought process; it is bubbling yet structured and always evolving. I want my paintings to encourage thought and imagination by inviting the viewer to seek images within the painting; the very same way one could look at the sky and see images formed by the clouds. Every viewer sees something different within a painting and engaging the viewer’s thought process is the whole idea behind the way I paint.

celebrating the spontaneity of scribble and the energy of abstract expressionism

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