Trolling is a mental illness.

Internet trolls are hilarious…..yet need to be studied. Hilarious because they actually believe they are mentally stable when they are really delusional. Trolling is definitely a mental illness.

Definitely not keyboard warriors….not sad little people either but mentally unstable. They need to be sectioned for their own mental wellbeing. And no…they are not bots….no sane person trolls.

The ugliness inside spews out because they lack empathy. Their reasoning is skewed. They seem unable to stem the flow of ugliness they spew.

I often find myself scrolling through social media pages to find a troll…..for my own entertainment….it’s like watching daytime tv…..some random unhinged person spewing….and I’m like wow…what a mind fuck but then again ….what entertainment for me. It’s like watching an unraveling. Fining a troll is counterproductive….they lack the capacity to comprehend what they have done wrong. Trolls are just mentally unstable.

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