Now I know…..

In case I was in doubt before… I know for sure that I love art and absolutely adore playing with paper.

If anyone had told me that I would make a 220 page concertina journal for free….I would have laughed so hard I’d probably pee myself.

220 pages thick

Aside from the fact that watercolour paper ain’t cheap…..I am loving making.

I never really doubted loving what I do….but now I know that money is not my motivation. It is the buzz of the creative process. I feed off the energy of the creative process.

I know….money pays bills so it is a double blessing to be paid to do whatsoever you love.

However… should never really be about the money.

It has to be about passion.

(It’s a good thing making art is not my day job….I would definitely be ‘as broke as’!)

What can I say….? Not every artist is a brilliant salesperson!

Hats off to all artists who double as salespeople too….must be tough.

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