This new normal sucks…

What I’d give for a sense of normalcy….embracing the new normal is much harder than it seems …even for a homebody like me. Social distancing… I welcome to an extent ….getting a lot more respect for personal space. But as the weeks go by….I find Zoom and Houseparty a wee bit challenging. The novelty has worn off. I just want people in the streets…mingling…chatting….traffic….tourists taking their sweet time (taking up all the pavement). I will not complain…or maybe I would. I want packed trains…(maybe not). I definitely want more than this. I want to window shop (I hate window shopping). Some days I love the isolation …. cos going out is scarier….especially food shopping. The silence is tangible….waiting in line 2 metres apart….barely making eye contact….feeling flustered when some random person comes too close…’s so alien. I am a homebody, bit introverted but still a busybody. I like to know what’s going on….I don’t want anyone invading my personal space but I don’t want distance either. Now I have to embrace my introverted self as much as possible without losing touch. I have to tell myself that this isolation is saving lives.

I really miss galleries. I seriously need to go online more….(I just don’t want to). Maybe I’m not quite bored enough yet….considering the fact that I love my own company. I really don’t want to become more introverted than I already am. I am loving spending time with family though….

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