Knowing when to quit (is a good call)

You’ve got to quit when you’re ahead….to count your losses. (I’m all heart and cliche this morning). Obviously in business….you win some; you lose some. I have just realised that I’m actually maturing as a business person by knowing when to quit a dead end situation. I’m not a gambler and I really appreciate’a bird in hand’. The past two days I have been trading at some 3 day artisan market and the footfall has been shit. Day 1 I made a loss… 2 was dismal ….today is supposed to be day 3 and I’m not going. First day of trading it poured with rain….I told myself ‘it’s the bad weather’ ….second day it didn’t rain as much but I didn’t sell a thing and I put it down to not thinking positive and luck of the draw….well good luck to the draw cos I’m backing away from the roulette table. I’m supposed to be posting an Etsy order today which I now intend to do ASAP.

Playing chance with my hard earned cash and precious time ain’t an option when there’s other stuff to get on with.

It has cost so much in Uber fares to get to this ‘artisan market’. Just because I forked out for a three day market stall doesn’t mean I have to stick it out when my business is haemorrhaging money. Good business is knowing when to call and when to fold on a losing hand.

Sometimes the location of the market is just not right for a product. Business is a gamble and I’m learning to play to win.

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