School politics (so tedious)

Schools will soon be in session…I’m not really looking forward to my day job but when I remember that I’m preparing for a craft fair on the 14th September…it makes the thought of going to work bearable. I would much rather spend every waking moment (well not every moment)…. every working moment in the studio. But got to pay for the studio I guess that’s where the day job comes in. I’ve got to try my utmost to look on the bright side…I work in a school equals 3.30pm end of day …half term breaks … more time for me. But the staff room can be mentally exhausting. Still….I shouldn’t complain because working with children can be mentally invigorating….they keep you alert….on your toes….thriving. No two days are the same….working with kids is never boring. It’s the tedious inset days I’m not looking forward to.

Note to self: look on the bright side

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