I cooked dinner. (so more-ish)

Just got a resounding ‘thank you’ for the meal I prepared for hubby’s guests!!! Once a while they take turns to host dinner….and I was told that this meal is one of the tastiest they have had. Needless to say I am well and truly chuffed.

Jollof rice

Pepper soup

Pepper sauce meat

This morning I thought it would be a near impossible task…. I really don’t know my own strength. It was an absolute success. At least 6 hours in the kitchen!!! …and no panicked hair pulling… I was legend!!! Now I even have ‘lunch’ for work tomorrow….(jollof rice).

Cooking is not as hard as it seems….not something I’ll do daily but defo not something I’m scared of anymore. Been there, done that, chucked the T-shirt.


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