My blog is my diary. Yes…it’s in a public domain…so? I am a bit of an exhibitionist….tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. My words…my thoughts…no fear. When I don’t blog….I bottle up and eventually find some other form of release….but finding that release is such a laborious process.

So the past months I have internalised my thoughts to such an extent that I drew a blank. I had nothing to say even when I wanted to…all hot air. So I binged…on Netflix….on beating myself up ….on some major procrastination. I had a mental block….actually maybe I had writer’s block! It is possible that it wasn’t all me! Maybe it couldn’t be helped. Maybe I got tongue-tied just because. Maybe it happens to the best of us (categorising myself eh? Why not?)…So without patting myself on the back for being too chicken to blog …. I realise that somehow I have come unstuck. Not 100% sure how though …. so no self help books in the pipe line! I suppose time is a healer….I actually stopped thinking about blogging. I gave up….thought I would never blog again. Truly never say never works wonders! And by not trying at all my natural inclination to chat has surfaced.


  1. Your thoughts here best described me in the past few weeks. I almost gave up as I took an indifference stance towards penning down the myriads of thoughts on my mind.

    It’s a breath of fresh air to suddenly realise what is at stake here if I jettison my passion. So glad that the soot cleared off my eyes and here I am again.

    May you find the energy and purpose to continue writing. Sending you a big ‘virtual’ hug. 🙂

  2. Keep writing, even when you’ve nothing to say, and even when you think it’s doggy-doo. Well, actually, I can’t tell you to do that. That would be a bit presumptuous of me. More correct to say that I hope you keep writing!

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