Happy and sad…

Finally I feel validation!!! Just sold a £75 journal. I don’t know why it’s taken someone to actually pay for my artwork for me to really believe in my ability as an artist. I suppose all artists…well most….have self doubt. Especially when you create what you want to without an ulterior ‘selling motive’. I mean….it’s great to sell your art but selling should never be the reason for making art. Art should be an extension of the artist….the process of making should be its own reward. Of course artists need to survive in this capitalist world but at the same time I wouldn’t say no to trade by barter (well…maybe I would).

I am both happy and sad…

Happy I sold a £75 journal…sad cos I don’t have that one of a kind journal anymore. It took so long to make and was such a joy to create….

I’m truly grateful to have my artwork so validated.

Mixed media concertina sketchbook


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