Hard copy project

Was going through old albums today and realised it would make so much sense to print the digital photos I have saved in Dropbox…then again it has to be on photographic paper….which might cost me ‘a pretty penny’. I’ve got ‘gazillions’ of images. I would definitely need to avoid editing before printing…I want ‘warts and all’ photos in my new album. Already sounds like a project that would take ages to complete. I’m going to need to stock up on albums!

There really is nothing like a hard copy… (to me anyway).

And I’m hoping it’s not a fluke and I decide tomorrow that it is too much hassle and too expensive to pay for all this printing. I’m sure I’ll thank myself later….

Remember back in the day when family come round and you fetch the albums and go through them. That nostalgia is priceless. So if at any point I change my mind and start waffling…I’m going to come back to this blog post and remind myself why printing a gazillion digital photos is a good thing.

Even for business…images in a portfolio sounds like a good idea but that’s a project for another day. Let me just get through the ‘family albums’ first.

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