I’m terrified of mice and rats…to me they are one and the same!!! Don’t care if one is smaller than the other….(rodent is a rodent).

But right now I’m patiently waiting for the mouse or mice to come out….it’s getting close to evening…I’m listening attentively.

Yesterday I freaked out on seeing a mouse in the bathroom….placed my phone (music up loud) on the floor by my bedroom door….cos apparently mice don’t like loud noises. I could barely sleep…was so under the duvet….sweating like a hog and breathless….so hot (hiding from mice).

So today I bought rodent poison pellets….and I’m sitting in bed listening…waiting for the mouse/mice to take a nibble. Being nocturnal the mouse/mice probably still sleeping wherever….

I’m obviously still terrified but feel braver cos of the rat poison pellets. I’m being so quiet compared to earlier on when I was thumping on doors to warn mouse/mice to stay away from me. The house is so quiet….at the moment…wish I knew exactly where the mouse/mice slept….I’d sprinkle the poison pellets as close as possible.

I have no idea how mice are kept as pets….they scare the beejeezus out of me!

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