Craft fair!

Yesterday was so much fun…(didn’t really know, well I wasn’t really sure what to expect from myself). Took to it…like a duck to water. I’m talking about a craft fair. Haven’t participated in one in like forever… Aside from the fact that I ‘forgot’ (for a brief second…ha) how to use my PDQ! Customer wanted to pay and I totally did not remember to enter the amount…stood musing with an increasingly flabbergasted customer over how to get my PDQ to work. Was not a ‘brief second’ more like ‘minutes of ineptitude’. So after puzzling over ‘what could possibly be wrong with the PDQ’ I decided to try it myself…only then did I realise I had not keyed in an amount. Seriously how could anyone make a payment via a card machine if no amount has been keyed in?! What a doofus!

After that ‘moment of madness’ .. I did get on really well at the fair. I was as engaging as I could be….busying myself sketching! I was not the best ‘smiley salesperson’….basically hid behind my art (to a large extent) …couldn’t help it….being out of the ‘whole craft fair’ game for so long. But….the punters! The ceramicist I share a table with had the gift of the gab and brought sales my way! Talk about ‘shrinking violet moi’! I basically only volunteered information about my artwork when questioned…no flyers…no business cards…no option to join a mailing list. In hindsight, it was a total ‘out of body experience’. I was ‘going through the motions’… supposedly selling at the fair but not really selling at all. Bit detached…in a good way? Can’t do the ‘hard sell’!

Did I say I took to the craft fair like a duck to water? I lied.

Maybe next time I’ll be more customer-friendly. Or maybe I did alright and I’m just ‘beating myself up’ for no reason. Cos at the end of the day I did make contacts with other traders and I did cover my pitch (sales-wise)

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