Juggling on a tightrope

So….I’m most definitely working round the clock! I have to assume ‘it will pay off’. I am like a ‘dog with a bone’ when I’ve got an idea in my head. And right now, it’s all about ‘growing my brand’, ‘paying my bills’ ‘completing work in progress’ ‘finding me time’ and ‘avoiding burnout’. However I seem to…attempt everything at the same time….actually tell a lie…I am somewhat walking this very tightrope. Just about doing everything on the list…believe or not at this moment I am blogging (me time/growing my brand), paying my bills (filling out an app for a full time job where I temp), blogging (avoiding burnout)….okay not quite everything on the list. I need to do my taxes and that’s neither ‘me time’ ‘growing my brand’ or ‘avoiding burnout’. Definitely not ‘work in progress’!

So I am not walking this tightrope…I’m trying to not fall off!

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