Wishing while I work…

Got a little bit of nostalgia for what my house would be like if I lived alone. It would be a walk in studio! Every inch of it vying for attention. There would be no favourite rooms…it would be an organic workspace. I would be a recluse when the work bug bites…(no friends/family zone)…. to preserve my organised chaos. Unfortunately I don’t live alone but this blissful weekend whilst hubby is away and my son is on campus…this house is my studio and I can live ‘the dream’

Work in progress (to be mounted) Been rolled away for over two years! Can finally get to it!

More work to be mounted properly! (been mounted piecemeal for over two years now with all the ‘tidy house business’ of packing away artwork at the end of the day)

Negatives to get processed and to possibly process when I get round to visiting an open access darkroom. Keep forgetting cos I pack them away!

Work in progress (possibly for collage)

Canvas to be stretched on bars!

Gesso (in progress). Can take a breather and not rush this process!

This is how I work best …with most of my projects laid out and I can flit like a social butterfly from one project to the next…multi tasking, creative energy feeding from one project into the next without the stress of packing up mid-project. One month of this organised chaos…everything left exactly as it is, I would complete all these tasks. I seriously need a studio… a live in studio! (that would be the day!)

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