I am (unbelievably) stubborn (at the worst times)

I’m doing my utmost to fight a cold without taking medication….(not too sure if I can win this battle). For as long as I can remember I’ve always dosed up on medication for the slightest ailment.

I’ve always been told ‘take lots of fluids’, ‘cut back on medication’ ….’don’t be so dependent on Lemsip’.

This is a hard fight…(not enjoying it one bit)….more like enduring it. I do not want to endure a cold! It is awful!!! At the same time…I’m really curious as to whether this ‘lots of fluid’ business really works or is really baloney!

If I had taken Lemsip capsules…by now I would be blissfully groggy…instead I’m alternating between water and hot soup…my eyes hurt and I’ve got a headache.

I need….really want medication but curiosity has got the better of me! and I’m sitting sipping water (like a lemon) waiting to see if fluids really alleviate flu symptoms.

(I bet fluids don’t do ‘jack’ for a cold…..I’ll know soon enough). If by morning….assuming I can endure this cold that long….if by morning I feel better…fluids work. If not….it’s baloney.

3 hours later….no improvement. (Cannot believe I’m documenting this….thank goodness for predictive text )

Time for Lemsip

My pain threshold is very low…surprised I lasted this long without medication.

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