‘Weaving Magic’ exhibition

I am totally gobsmacked!!!!

This is tapestry!!!!!….woven based on a watercolour painting by Chris Ofili!

He worked in collaboration with Dovecote Tapestry Studio….working with them every step of the way as they translated his watercolour into woven wool. Ofili’s piece is titled ‘The Caged Bird’s song’.

Before watching the production video….I assumed he had painted with fabric dyes onto carpet but no….it had taken almost 3 years for the tapestry to be woven on a loom by 3 artisans.

I did wonder why the exhibition was titled ‘weaving magic’. Now I know.

As a backdrop Chris Ofili created a mural that encompasses the whole space….androgynous images…(seemingly inspired by the Greek god and goddesses) painted in monotone….so from afar very reminiscent of clouds (or grey mountain mist). The vibrancy of the triptych tapestry drew your eye. So alluringly magical.

…And the title of his artwork ‘The caged bird’s song’…is a nod to Maya Angelou’s ‘I know why the caged bird sings’. Ha! Talk about layers and layers of interweaving…


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