Okay I don't want to come across as completely irresponsible.
My son downloaded a spending tracker app onto my phone…and yes it is very useful and I have more or less got the hang of it.
Just curious…my first week using this app, I have saved some money…now a new week has started the spending tracker has not carried over the money saved last week…so that money just sits in my bank account. Oh I get it!!! No I don't….Am I supposed to ignore the money sitting in my bank account and not carry it over into this week. Is that how money is saved? By ignoring what's sitting in bank account???
It's not very easy…this saving malarky.
The urge to splurge is sooooo strong!!!!

Just spoke with my son and he says if I know the exact amount left over from last week then I'm not ready to save…! What is that?. If I don't know the exact amount saved what use is that??? The money should just sit in my bank account doing nothing….?
Saving is soooo hard but I guess it has its perks…not too sure if just sitting idly in a bank account is one of them.

Solved!. I know what to do….I'm going to put the money saved from last week in my ISA. Yay!!! Every little counts…can't remember the last time I ever put anything in my ISA. (need to reactivate ISA).

So….I paid £10.44 into my ISA… feel very proud of myself right now. I have actually started putting money away.

I really like this spending trackerit makes me stop short. I have very itchy fingers…the number of random items I'm tempted to spend money on is shocking.

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