Online radio

Just listened to an absolutely brilliant broadcast by Very Loose Women at Resonance 104.4FM. This brilliant episode highlights the plight of women in the sex trade. 

A colleague at work is a presenter on this radio station…. (a fact I found out incidentally… I thought she was a visual artist). She thought I would find the broadcast risqué and suggested I listen to Very Loose Women podcasts that are ‘more toned down’. I did listen to a podcast… (something about phobias). The podcasts are interesting…(easy listening). 

However episodes of Very Loose Women online (at Resonance FM) take the biscuit…very meaty…informative…so much to chew on. 

I am unashamedly plugging Resonance 104.4FM!! Listen to Very Loose Women online at Resonance FM. (there…well and truly plugged)

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