Not ‘lazing around’

I’m in hibernation mode’… (got loads to do but don’t want to at the moment). All I want to do is curl up on a sofa …going through my phone…trying out different apps. It’s sunny outside but right now being indoors is utter bliss!!!  I’m still recovering from a very loooooong school week. The last week of term was a draaaaaagggg!  I need to recuperate… trying to rein in the long list of ‘to-dos’ spinning in my head cos this body is in no mood to tick off a list right now. The sofa and my phone are all I need this minute. Maybe at some point during the day… I might get up in order to brush my teeth and probably eat. This is the laziest I can remember being in a long time…(this is not lazy…my mind is racing, my body resting) I’m at an impasse and the sofa is lovely. 

At the same time…kind of feel like I’m in the eye of the storm whilst ‘hibernating’. Like I’m in freeze mode…willing time to slow down by standing still (my mind is racing, I’m pulling at the reins with imposed minimal activity). 


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