The malpractice of (living dangerously)

I can’t remember the last time I etched….bit apprehensive but really looking forward to etching my plates today. I have noticed that I have an inclination to living dangerously close to the edge when it comes to preparing my plates…no ventilation…using ammonia to degrease a plate… liquid ground…all in my son’s room!!! He’s at uni…so I have turned his room into impromptu (unventilated) studio space. Whar would it cost me to open a window? I read the labels on the products I use…note that prolonged inhalation is hazardous and carry on as though I have nine lives. Seriously you’d expect that as an artist and ‘educator’ I would stick to best practice. I know all about ‘control of substance hazardous to health’ as well as Health & Safety regulations and I sit in a room breathing in these fumes as though I’m smelling daisies. 

So…I step back in the room and think fabreeze as though air fresheners can repair the damage I am carelessly causing!! No can do…thank goodness for blogging…forcing me to take ownership of blatant shortcomings. 

I have now opened the windows and hope to limit the damage to everyone else’s lungs. I will never …(oooh never say never)I will not prep an etching plate indoors again…just for the fumes alone…it is the height of malpractice

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