A (very lucky) break

My one week (imposed) holiday  feels like a month’s rest…so very more-ish!  I loooove half term!!! I have done so much yet I feel so relaxed.  

This break is loathsome to some parents…I didn’t welcome half term breaks when my son was in primary and secondary school cos it meant a compulsory break from the school, during which the onus was on me to keep him entertained in order to stop him from hanging out ‘in yards’, ‘street corners’ doing absolutely nothing…just chilling. So every half term the house was packed with his friends very boisterously playing FIFA, GTA, Call of Duty… and happily raiding the fridge!

I used to count the days to the end of half term…but now that my son’s at uni…and I work in a secondary school…half term is pure bliss!!! (I’m already counting the weeks till Easter!)


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