Still ‘in shock’

Lately I find myself in the days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months lethargy…when it comes to blogging. Strike that…it’s not lethargy…. just some self imposed radio silence…got stumped…writer’s block brought on by an aghast at observing ‘reality tv on a world stage’. Fact is most definitely stranger than fiction with Trump as US president and I’m still trying to get past the fact that ‘he is not play acting’ even though it seems like he is (with all this ‘clueless on the job’ gig he’s got going on). I was not particularly fond of The Apprentice …and now I find myself ‘a teensy bit shell shocked’. And he is not even ‘my president’ …even though Theresa May seems to be doing everything in her power to make sure he is. (Sod ‘special relationship’) barge poles come to mind. 

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