Office party drink

Yesterday was pretty okay…went to the office party. Didn’t take any pics…was too busy getting tipsy on one glass of white wine! (what a cheap date). I have never been able to hold my drink…I am sooo lightheaded. So no drinking games for me, no rounds either cos one glass and I’m out. And it was such a nice glass of wine …medium dry. Did not take a single sip of the red wine I was offered… (was told it’s a very bad idea to mix wines) besides one glass was enough. So it was alright-ish…I left early, got home totally shattered and woke up with a slight headache…all on one glass of wine!  I didn’t realise I was that lightheaded…(I have to assume I was really tired after a long day’s work so it was pretty easy to get knocked out). Note to self: avoid alcohol when tired. 

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