Art and craft by sixth formers. 

I’d forgotten how much I loooove art and craft markets! …today was a very wholesome reminder…as well as ‘a kick up my backside’ to stop whinging. I notice I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. I visited handmade @ highshore at the Camberwell Arts Market. Fine…it was just an itty bitty market (a handful of outdoor stalls)…probably about ten stalls in all but it was so worth the visit!  

Art and craft is a labour of love…just experiencing the buzz of artisans behind their stalls on a cold winter day just makes you appreciate everything that is on offer.  

It is sooo ingrained in me to not take photos of art/craft on display without seeking permission so I just didn’t bother taking pics of any of the other stalls (aside from Highshore’s). Believe me I when I say the stalls were more-ish! And it’s a good thing I’m a bit skint at the mo cos I would have spent a pretty penny there and come home with loads of handmade goodies and an empty wallet. Instead I made a wish list of things to buy for moi asap!  And I bought myself two lovely broaches! 

A pencil broach and a tube of paint broach!

There were so many really gorgeous items at the Highshore stall which thankfully I could not afford.  (I would have happily gone for broke).

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