A fiver…(to moan about)

The polymer used to make the new five pound note contains small amounts of tallow (animal waste product) and vegetarians and vegans are up in arms and there is a petition to change the new five pound note. I’m like ‘what is that about?’  Who adds five pound notes to their veggie diet?  So were the old five pound notes easier on their palates?! (kmt) What about leather shoes, bags, belts….? How do these ‘desperately searching for something to moan about’ vegetarians cope with leather? What about the rest of us who prefer not to taste five pound notes? 


  1. We’ve got a new five dollar notes with a big invisible bit right through the middle now. I’m always startled when I pull one out of my wallet because… well, it looks like it’s not all there until I really look. I sometimes wonder if the old fashioned barter system might be less taxing on my poor old brain… 😛

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