As much as I tolerate the bustle of a full house, I absolutely, unequivocally love a quiet house!!!!!! The young men (my son and his cousin) are off to their respective campuses. Mum’s gone back to hers (now weather is changing). The house is restful, not teeming with voices demanding to be heard or the constant blare of the telly. I am such a homebody and I love peace and quiet. I’m not surprised at how elated I am…it’s been a looooong summer break! September is a great month! Sends everyone packing! 


  1. Haha, I enjoyed reding this post. I can easily relate to that. And yeah, I love September. Since I was a teenager I always had that Rock Hudson’s movie in mind, “Come September,” The main theme, a song by Bobby Darin, with its joyful pace and the lyrics, “Come September
    Everything wrong gonna be alright,” made me always relate September with a fine mood, a joyful time.

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