Sometimes…mostimes the traffic lights force hair pulling and cursing. Red takes forever to change and amber is practically non existent!! Sitting waiting for traffic lights to change most definitely tries my patience forcing me to jump to inevitable conclusions that these lights are being manipulated to create the semblance of congestion and justify less road usage and exorbitant road use charges. Diversions do my nut…(you’ve got to be kidding!). I’m sitting in traffic and at the top of the lane are policemen on horses!!!!….creating even more congestion. How on earth does it make sense for one journey to be thwarted by slow-changing lights, road blocks, horsemen, diversions that should not be in place during peak time. I absolutely hate needless traffic!


  1. i most times don’t stop for sticken red lights, nowtheless sometime it real hurts..

    i also see that you favoured a comment, for the life of day, i don’t really understand why, nonetheless, i will now follow you..

    kisses within love, chris

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