Being open minded…

I am learning to stop making assumptions about places I have not yet visited. Or basically assumptions based on what a place used to be like. Since I have started actively going out and about I have visited places that would never have crossed my mind (well…’never say never’) but these places were not on my radar! Probably the last places I’d want to visit…I’m learning to keep an open mind.  And right now, with being contracted as a playground instructor for the whole of this month, I realise I need to look on the bright side…I’m gaining some experience at teaching kids…still trying to figure out how it fits in with my work as an artist and …I’m thinking maybe I could run some art workshops for kids…maybe!! I have always found working with kids dauntingbasically gives me the heebie-jeebies…cos I’m like ‘how am I going to pull this off?’…I’m learning patience…and it’s a good lesson. Soon 2 hours a day at a playground will not be daunting.  It’s just another place I’ve had all these assumptions (of chaotic behaviour) about. On my way back from the Infant School I’ve been contracted to (with me learning to be more open minded et al) I visited the Southwark Cathedral which has made me realise even more how much more there is to so much around us than meets the eye.  

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