Granary Square

Granary Square has to be seen to be believed!!!!!!! And to think this is where Central St Martin’s is now based!!!! Wow!!!!!

I was basically on my way to see an exhibition at the House of Illustration…my eyes almost popped when I saw one of the colleges that make up my alma mater (UAL) in Granary Square!!! If I had known this was where CSM had relocated to, I would most definitely have visited earlier. I used to think Holborn was a brilliant location cos it was very central; now I beg to differ….There could not possibly be a better location for CSM than Granary Square!  

I never visited because all I knew was that CSM had moved to Kings Cross…and for that alone, I couldn’t be bothered. But my visit to Granary Square has made me realise Kings Cross has been revamped!!!! And is not the dingy den it used to be. 

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