Can’t stop myself (have to get it right)

Got a headache just looking at all the work I am yet to do on this painting…which is very rich coming from me…considering that I basically abandoned the painting for four years!!! (this is most definitely a rant). I am so pissed at myself right now!!! I just wanted to get it over and done with!!!!! 😁😩😩😩 now I have to fix it!!!!

When will I finish this (!!!*) painting???? 😫😫

Why on earth did I not notice the mistake earlier? And why on earth am I beating myself up? Seriously….I need to (take a chill pill)…haven’t heard that said in ages!!! Chill pill…😊.  I seriously need to calm down…it’s just a painting, after all. Don’t even know why I’m getting all het up. 

I seriously need to look on the bright side…firstly, I noticed the mistake (before I gave the owners the painting…shock horror), secondly, I’m planning (dragging myself kicking and screaming) to do something about it, thirdly, I’m going to be working in oils (which I love, hence painting won’t be such a chore). Fourthly, (there is no fourthly, it’s going to be fine). 


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