I got sidetracked…

Sometimes I just go completely off-course and do me. Most times I go completely off course and do me.  Wow I have just realised that I can actually dictate, I don’t even need to type stuff. Oh my days this is awesome…yeah, I think I’m going to start doing this more often. Basically just dictate. 

Do you know what has just happened?…or actually what’s happening right now?…I am telling my phone…I’m basically talking… my phone is doing all the typing …wow…this is the life. No way!

Okay enough of that. I am going to go… Does that mean I have to speak slowly? Hmmm…okay. 

I got sidetracked! No I’m like a kid in a candy store. I really like this… I think I really like this. This is so much fun… you just dictate and the phone does all the typing… easy life!!  what else do I need?  Oh my Lord! Do I need my reading glasses? No sirree!

Okay back on course. I have just stuck on little foam flowers onto  the painting ….just because. I mean I find (the smiles a bit too sickly sweet) ‘that is awful’ but I do…and if I’m going to paint from the photograph…I might as well endeavour to keep my sanity. 


    1. k if you’ve got an iPhone …bet this works with any smartphone … click on the ‘microphone’ to the left of the space bar. In order to edit just click ‘done’. Dictating to phone is pretty nifty. Thanks re: painting. Going to keep working on it. 😀

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