For the fun of it

Feeling girly girly today!  Really been preening a lot lately. Keep telling myself it’s not about how you look …but can’t stop myself. For some reason, I’m all about war paint right now…don’t know why. Was actually considering tinting my eyebrows!!! Going through a really weird phase…just keeping thinking divide and conquer (scrap that). I’m in the ultimate tomfoolery mood.  I actually like the second glances I keep getting …just because…‘I’m being very girly girly’…that’s not the reason…I’m just bored and playing with hair and makeup for the fun of it!

Have every intention to go around looking like butter wouldn’t melt… (more fun for me!)


    1. 😘 Don’t mind me…been doing the whole ‘mirror mirror’ thing today. The height of superficial. No amount of ‘war paint’ (make up) can match kindness and selflessness. Just doing my ‘tomfoolery’ nonsense. 😘

      1. Good for them! The whole makeup thing is loooong and probably addictive as well. I’ve got a second cousin who spends 45 minutes doing her face before going to work.

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