Wrestling with Maths

My laziness quotient is pretty high today…I suspect it has something to do with spending all morning doing my profit and loss accounts! I find mathematics physically (not just mentally) draining. My son sees Math as a walk in the park…(he would, wouldn’t he…studying MechEng) So first thing this morning, I decided to tackle my accounts…got my phone, pencil and little notepad ready but they were no match for Microsoft Excel! Never use an iPhone as a calculator (it is the hardest thing ever). So after battling with numbers for half an hour, I begged my son to help and he did with all these formulas and he was going on about how you put a comma somewhere and scroll…(in my mind, I’m just like ‘keep at it, son …you are doing great…I ain’t doing no formulas’) I just nodded in agreement as though it could be a walk in the park. I wish! And that’s why I am exhausted…been tussling with Math…actually been watching my son have an amicable conversation with Maths…which to me just looked like two sumo wrestlers equally matched. I like Maths cos it’s good for business…I just have a tough time with profit and loss accounts cos you have to calculate for the whole year!!! Which is really annoying cos I regularly update my books by inputting amount spent or my takings. But profit and loss is a whole ‘nother level…requiring me to calculate all these numbers…we are talking 12 months of numbers. Jeez! Physically exhausting!

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