Finders keepers (sneaky eaters)

I’ve got a house guest who is a night marauder (because he eats a lot between midnight and 3 am). I have this open house policy that guests can help themselves to food (I have no intention of waiting hand and foot on anyone). So I have taken to hiding away anything I do not want eaten. This guest is sooo predictable…like clockwork and tends to nibble away in the kitchen as well. At first, I used to get pissed off wondering why this guest always had to raid the fridge when everyone else was asleep. But now, I don’t mind cos I have some brilliant techniques for hiding snacks. I successfully hid a large tub of ice cream for four days and only brought it out to scoop out the last bits of very yummy ice cream for a shared dessert with my mum and my hubby. I left the empty tub for the night marauder to salivate over. Don’t feel guilty…do feel a bit reckless though. Will have to be extra creative when hiding the next tub of ice cream now that night marauder has realised that ice cream was somewhere in this house. I never used to squirrel away food…thought it was unnecessary but now as long as someone is going to munch away at it whilst I’m sleeping, I will most definitely hide food I intend to eat. Afterall, the marauder won’t eat what the marauder can’t find. 

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