Trying to make sense of it

Hypothetically…someone I know…(this is not working). Can a blog be used as a confessional on behalf of someone else? Are there subjects that are tabboo? How much info is too much info? Can too much info come back to bite one in the (arse)? What if it’s really personal info? Are there rules of decorum for posting content?  Just really curious…

So Bing and Bo have been married for years now. At the beginning of their relationship (early years of marriage) every thing worked (in a particular department involving silk sheets…etc). Then they began trying for a baby and being in the bed linen department became a chore and Bo couldn’t wait to get out of it…she even wrote a poem about it. (She hardly ever writes poems these days). There was so much sexual tension at Bing and Bo’s that it was tangible and obvious. At a party, Bing’s cousin remarked to Bo (in private) that it was obvious the couple were not sleeping together anymore. How would she know that if Bing hadn’t told her? So obviously Bing was having a hard time of this drifting apart sexually. So, hypothetically Bo wants to know what this means cos for some reason she tells me that she is hardly ever in the mood, she hates being kissed (french kissed) and doesn’t like being touched   (Too much info, right?). Bing and Bo seem to be going strong in their non sexually active marriage and I wonder for my friends if this is good for their long term relationship. I don’t know if it’s normal in marriage for sexual relations to wane or dissipate. (I’m very touchy-feely). No idea what to tell her, I’m no marriage counsellor or psychologist! I just told Bo to go with the flow and to buy some sex toys…(so weird chatting about a friend’s sex life…just don’t want to keep stuff to myself) 

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