Writing crap (bad language)

I’m trying not to be self conscious when blogging…but sometimes its (it’s) hard. The first sentence is always the hardest. Then i (I) kinda get into my head abd (and)forget im (I’m) blipping (blogging). There us (is) something wrong with ny keypad its balderdash -gone a bit cranky and wonky on me. So im (I’m) going to haw (have) to backtrack and correct loads of weird spellings -cos i dont eben (I don’t even) know what im (I’m) talking about- its one of those chat s..t days. Actually its not, just put that down to talk (to me). So at some point, like now i feel a lot more free and forget that its a blog…which is pretty nifty and pretty mashed up at thevsame time. Beginning to really live these spelling errors.  I’m speaking balderdash and gibberish.  Yesterday when i wad reallyvtired i thought tje faultbwes my keypad but seriously this isva whole nother level of nonsense.  I dont even know why i kerp typing when im making so many mistakes and autocorrect is non existent (at least for me, its not). So I guess now I actually have to pay attention to my typing and dot my i’s and cross my t’s cos my rubbish iphone will not do it for me!!!!!

This is so messed up but hey! at least I got out of my head and now realise I cannot leave my syntax and sentence structure up to technology…I actually have to make sense to be heard. (lesson learned from my crappy iphone that won’t autocorrect …if I paid it). 

I think I know what the problem is- I think too fast and eureka! I got a solution (not). 

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